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The engraving on this knife, of the famous master Joe Kious, is also order by Mr. Carlos Lopez from The theme is "Crusaders", I have used appropriate images and ornaments with symbolic, which in combination give an incredible work. All my engravings have an artistic idea and a connection between the main scene, and the backing it with a symbolic ornamentation. So I inlaid: flame from red gold as a symbol of the faith, which is supported by gold vine leaves-a symbol of Christ. They in turn are supported by the inlaid and engraved in a high relief silver eagles-symbols of the royal power. This whole composition stands above the Crusaders-the direct defenders of the faith, expressed by high relief engraving. For full completion the artistic conception, I have used and an old technique to fill the background with gold. This unique combination between the knife of Joe Kious and my work turns this object into a piece of art and collector’s rarity.