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American Civil war

This engraving on the exceptional of the famous knife maker Joe Kious is an ordered me by Mr. Carlos Lopez From As a theme of the engraving I chose the American Civil War between the North and the South. I used here my favorite engraving battle scenes, through which could be conveyed a dramatic effect of the artistic idea. Breathing life into the metal I gave dynamism of the picture. By deep relief engraving, paying attention to every detail of the project of mine, I engraved in the foreground the Unknown Soldiers with their emotions during the battle and the movements of their bodies and clothes. As a background and depth of the picture I engraved scenes of the battle in the style bulino. The images of the great military commanders General Robert Lee for the Confederation Army of the South and the famous General Ulysses Grant for the Union Army of the North I engraved in the style bulino. To convey a historical significance of the artistic conception I used symbolism by inlaid silver scrolls.The knife with this incredible engraving is truly masterpiece and that would be the Crown jewel of each collection