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Blue dagger


                   Blade Length: 103 mm                  Overall  Length: 236 mm                  Closed Length: 136 mm


                                                Blade Steel:  RWL 34             Scale  Material: 950 Silver, Hot  enamel

                                                Frame Material: 440B             Locking Mechanism: Automatic  Wedge

This dagger is made and engraved especially for the first edition international FiCX forum, Paris 2014 about collector’s knives. The dagger has an original locking mechanism, my invention. This kind of folder knife is one of my new artistic knives. I have put in this knife my passion, trying to find some new mechanisms and designs. To be opened the blade it is necessary to be drawn out the acanthus leaf at the end of the handle. The mechanism is reliable and works perfectly. Handle’s cover-plates are decorated with hot blue enamels.