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With this site I have the pleasure to present an excellent combination of my technical potentialities and engravers abilities. I was born in the town of Kazanlak situated in the center of the world famous “Rose Valley” of Bulgaria, also called “The Valley of the Thracian Kings”. From an early childhood I discovered the vast and wonderful world of the mechanics and art owing to the habitat in which I grew up, amassing a rich experience in the constructing of different mechanisms. I graduated from technical school specializing in the production of small arms with distinction. In January 1991 year I took the exam in The National Association “Fellowship of Master of Folk and Arts Crafts” and received degree Master in the section “Jewelry and Engraving”. My examination work was shown for years as a model of exquisiteness and using of various forgotten but beautiful techniques.

svidIn 1991 year I went to work the Scientific Technology Institute of Defense Industry to upgrade my knowledge and gain practical skills in the specialization which I graduated.  In 1993 year I left the Institute and created my own company for tuning of hunting weapons, short weapons and engravings on them which I called “Grifon”. My company very quickly became well-known in Bulgaria with the technical innovations in the weapons and the fine engravings of them. From 1993 to 2009 as main engraver I engraved in my company the hunting carbines "ARSENAL LUX" produced by the state armoury company "Arsenal" for  prominent persons from all over the world.

vestI took participation in different specialized exhibitions: National Craftsman Exhibition “Oreshak” and the my first prize for miniature in 1991, exhibition at the Bulgarian National Parliament in 1998, Author’s exhibition in National Art Gallery –Plovdiv  ”Arms and artwork” in 1999, the exhibition in the Month of the European Culture in 2000, Exhibition of the Bulgarian Chamber of Craftsmanship 2002, the International  Arms Shows “Hemus” until 2008. I am one of the few engravers in the world who engraves sculptural engraving in high relief in an exceptionally exquisite style. The engraving for me is not only a decoration of the metal, but also the creation of a complete work of art. As a proof of this are the articles published in the specialized weapons magazines.
As a creative nature I continually sought a realization of my abilities in the creation of wares with different mechanisms and their connection with the artistic representation. So in 2008 I have focused towards the making of folding author's knives. In the end of 2009 I presented my first knives outside the country. An exceptional and beneficial is the opportunity which I have now to create an aesthetically beautiful folding knife as a work of art, to equip it with a mechanism which has a reliable design, the required ergonomics and individuality, as well as the interaction of the mechanism and the blade with the handle in an opened and closed position. To my current and future clients from around the world I present in the separate tabs part of my activities.